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Pop out Banner
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Pop out Banner

  • Highly effective indoors and outdoors, particularly at sporting events 

  • 3 shapes to choose from: oval, round, vertical

  • Self-erecting via a sturdy steel frame, easy setup & dismantle

  • Dye sub print on 220gsm polyester

  • Oxford carry bag

  • A velcro fastening is used to ensure good stability whilst pegs are supplied to secure your stowaway into soft grounds to prevent it being blown away

  • Size specifications:

  • Oval: 700*1200mm; 1000*2000mm; 1200*2600mm

  • Round: 1000*1000mm; 1200*1200mm; 1500*1500mm

  • Vertical: 1000*1400mm; 1000*2000mm